Referring Providers

Trusting Our Team

Being part of a primary care centric organization and team, we know that trusting the places you send your patients is critical. You want to send your patients somewhere you will feel good about the care, experience, and coordination they can expect. Healthcare is challenging for our patients to navigate, but sending your patient to Salem Endocrinology should not be part of that challenge.


What we Need from You

Please help us out by sending recent labs and imaging with your referral. Many clinics are not sending this and it delays our ability to schedule your patients quickly.

Fax Referrals to: (503) 566-3469

Referral Content Needed

  • Referral
  • Chart Note w/ Medication List
  • Recent Labs (important!)
  • Recent Imaging (important!)


Current Referral Criteria by Condition

Salem Endocrinology Referral Criteria by Condition – Updated April 2023


Our Commitments

Getting your patients in Quickly

We have expanded our team recently and can get your patients in quickly! We cannot promise this will always be the case, but we are committed to building our Salem Endocrinology team to meet the needs of the region and to create excellent access.

Excellent Clinical Quality

Our team has some of the best expertise in the region with a balanced and experienced team of physicians and advanced practice providers. Your patients will receive great care!

Customer Service

Your patients will have a great experience with our clinic. Admittedly, we launched our clinic fairly fast in 2022 and had issues with our phones and a few workflows, but Spring 2023 and beyond, patients will have an improved experience coming to our clinic.

Coordination of Care

You should expect to receive good communication from our team back to you as the primary care or referring provider team. We know how critical it is for you to be informed of the plan and to be able to quickly integrate this into the larger health plan for your patients.

Getting it Right

If we are not meeting any of the commitments above, please let us know right away! We do want to hear from you and from your patients when we are missing the mark. Please give us a call or feel free to email Mike Olson at Working together will serve our community best.